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Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation is a form of therapy where person served travel to a clinic or hospital to attend sessions and then return home the same day. Typically, a therapy session lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. When persons served are admitted into outpatient programs, it shows that the person served is doing well enough to be home, and their doctors have confidence in them completing their course of therapy through outpatient rehabilitation.
Scope of our outpatient rehabilitation services

    • Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps reinstate movement and increase function as much as possible when a person served is affected by injury, chronic illness or by developmental conditions. Our Physiotherapists work with persons served who are affected by injury, chronic illness developmental conditions to determine and increase their functional movement. Our Physiotherapy services act a key role in enabling persons served to improve their health and quality of life. Our Physiotherapists integrate their knowledge, skills and approach to treat a broad range of physical problems associated with different ‘systems’ of the body.

    • Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy aims to enhance basic motor functions and cognitive abilities, as well as making up for permanent and partial loss of function by providing adaptive equipment or alternative approaches. Our Occupational Therapy services offer caregiver training support and guidance on accessing the home environment of the person served, which contributes to each person served ability to have a productive and satisfying life.

    • Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapists work closely with chronically ill children, adolescent and adult persons served in preventing, assessing, diagnosing and treating speech and language cognition problems and enhancing their swallowing functions as well as addressing to verbal and nonverbal cues therefore enhancing the quality of life and social involvement of the person served.

Our rehabilitation department includes female section, male section in which both have also sections for pediatrics age group and special needs patients.

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