Admission Requirements

Person served must meet the following pre-admission requirements

  • Valid identification card or documents.
  • Medical report or referral.
  • Face to face form (for home health care services).
  • Health insurance card, if available.
  • Health Insurers authorization letter, if applicable.
  • Private and government service authorization letter, if applicable.
  • Signed Acknowledgement of Service Agreement (Consent).
  • Health Insurers consent.

For home health care services

The medical report or referral must certify the person served by a referring/treating physician to be medically confined to his home or home bound and requires skilled home nursing care and/or supportive home care services:
  • Due to an illness or injury resulting in the person served inability to leave the his place of residence without assistance by another individual or the aid of a supportive device; or
  • Have a condition such that leaving the place of residence requires a taxing effort or medically contraindicated.

Other Admission Considerations.

  • The facility ensures to have an adequate and qualified staff and resources to provide the services required which includes the ability to provide care to persons served in all age groups and nationalities with language needs considered.
  • The facility does not provide services to any case in which specialized care is required and specialty-prepared staff is not available.
  • No person served shall be accepted to any health care service if required services are not services the facility is authorized to provide.
  • Person served, family or support system must be informed about what is going to happen and prepared for their roles and responsibilities.


  • The process must communicate the reason(s) for the referral and/or non-acceptance of the person served.
  • The Patient Relations Department must communicate the reason of non-admission decision to the referral source, the person served and family or support system, as appropriate and document the non-admission reason.
  • If the person served does not meet admission criteria, he is referred to alternate services and the referral source or the physicians (if applicable) are notified.
  • Referral for alternative service outside must be documented in the referral form and duly signed by the care provider who made the referral.
  • Any communication regarding the referral and non-admission will be filed in the medical record.